Suoi Nuoc Open Air Resort

Suoi Nuoc Resort is located in a small beautiful village with the same name. The village stretches along one of the most famous beaches in the South of Vietnam and is 2.5 km from Hon Rom (one of the most well-known tourist areas in the South-East area). Suoi Nuoc belongs to the popular backpacking rout “Mui Ne – Bau Trang (a White Sand Dune) – Phan Ri”. Suoi Nuoc Resort is an ideal place for people who enjoy a peaceful and private time, people who desire to explore, or people who wish to observe a sea that is truly romantic. At Suoi nuoc Resort, tourists can escape the chaotic urban life and can relax after a long working week.
It is said that Suoi Nuoc Resort is far enough from the centre to escape the chaos and crowds and close enough for a journey “back to the sea” for a short time. Dues to the fact that Suoi Nuoc Resort is situated between two of the most well known tourist destinations in the area, the Red Sand Dunes and the White Sand Dunes, making it convenient for an amazing adventure. You can challenge yourself by wandering in the wild and through the large white dunes all through the morning; then in the afternoon, you can enjoy sliding from the top to the bottom of the Red Sand Dunes, which change shape everyday due to the force of the wind. You can then end your day at the Red Dunes with a charming and beautiful sunset, which is made better by the view from the dunes.
The local nature provides Suoi Nuoc Resort with a beautiful beach where you will wake up to the